The Association for Bilingual Schools

On behalf of the Association for Bilingual Schools let me welcome our present and former members, all the participants of Hungarian bilingual education and everyone interested in our successful and popular educational form to our new website.

Those who have followed our electronic correspondence in the past few months might be aware that the new Executive Board elected in April 2010 is trying to fulfil the tasks it undertook at the general meeting.

The members of the board responsible for the different languages and school types have updated the members’ list so now they are able to keep in touch with the schools they oversee. We hope that the number of member institutions will continuously grow in the future as well. The answer to the most important question, posed by both our former members and by those preparing to join us, with regard to what the Association for Bilingual Schools can offer to them can be summarised briefly:

the common representation of our interests; legal assistance; joint activity of the schools in completing the always growing number of tasks; development of teaching materials, creation and search for possibilites for in-service training, organisation of competitions, contests and networking events, inviting applications and making use of externally provided grants.

We regard our new website as key to our efficient activity. It aims to be aesthetically pleasant, up-to-date and useful. We want to provide and develop the possbility for it to be interactive, which is essential for rapid exchange of ideas and effective cooperation. On the website you can find documents in connection with the general meeting of 23 April 2010, the important events that have happened since then,  the activity of the Executive Board, important data, the list of electronic teaching materials accessible to our members and possibly everything worth knowing about the legal and scientific background of the field.

Naturally, the website can serve as an introduction to those who are getting acquainted with the field of bilingual education at the moment both as far as the essential common elements of this special educational form and the particular features of certain schools are concerned.

From this site you can access the former website of the Association which contains key documents and information about the memorable events of the past. The most important documents will gradually be transferred to the archive of the new website.

We wish you all fruitful cooperation and a pleasant time browsing our website.

Gábor Horváth
Chair of the Association for Bilingual Schools